Tripod Screen and Projector Package (Ideal for up to 50 participants)

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Package Includes
  • Tripod Screen
  • HD Projector (2000-4000 lumens)
  • Accessories
  • Custom technology set-up/removal service
  • On-call tech support
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Facilitate an effective meeting with key participants with this sleek, efficient package. This popular package is great for those meetings that outgrow a boardroom. Simply connect your laptop to our HD projector. Ideal for 25 people with social distancing, 50 without.

Best available pricing will be applied to cart. Multi-day events are eligible for additional pricing benefits.

The Conference Meeting Package is best for up to a 1200 sq. ft. room with participants in a variety of seating arrangements. This allows for efficient delivery of your message with greater content visibility.

* This package includes an appropriately-sized tripod screen, HD projector, and required accessories to connect your laptop. This will provide a large image that ensures all can clearly see your content.

* Onsite support is available on call throughout your event.

* Your package will be set and tested one hour prior to your meeting start time.

* Ideal for up to 25 people with social distancing, 50 without.

* Laptop not included.

More Information
Number of Participants0 - 25
Meeting TypeMeeting, Office
Price$500 - $1000
Event TypeIn-person event without remote participants, Hybrid event with in-person and remote participants
Show In Production ShowNo
Power DropsNo
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